What does the 3-Point Club do? 

The 3-Point Club is a vital aspect of the Redwings Boys Basketball Program.  The school district is only able to fund a part of the cost to run the basketball program.  This is where the 3-Point Club comes in.  Our goal is to raise enough funds to help support the Redwings high school basketball program and the Junior Redwings youth basketball program.  The success of the 3-Point Club ensures that a high quality basketball program is available to all of our sons.

Items Funded by the 3-Pt Club

  • Entry Fees for youth tournaments 

  • Entry Fees for high school tournaments

  • Entry Fees for youth and high school leagues

  • All NWBBL, tournament, and league (hosted) Officials pay

  • Junior Redwing uniforms

  • Junior Redwing Warm Up Tops 

  • Replacement Uniforms for Jr Redwings and high school programs

  • Equipment for all coaches 

  • Basketballs, clipboards, whiteboards, markers, whistles, ball bags
  • Fees for Wissports 

  • Fees for Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook

  • Team Awards for the high school banquet

  • Parents Night Flowers

  • Senior Night Gifts and Awards 

  • Supplies for hosting tournaments

  • Food / Supplies for special team meals

  • WBCA Membership Dues for all youth and high school coaches

  • WBCA Fall Clinic registration fee for coaches

  • UWGB Men's basketball clinic: at Appleton East HS 

  • Financial support in transportation of coach buses to away games.  

  • New reversibles and shorts for all Junior Redwings and High School program in 2016.  

  • 3Pt Club Scholarships - Redwing 3 Point Club 

  • UW-Oshkosh Team Camp:  all entry fees for the varsity and JV teams

  • Room and Board for the varsity team

  • Help offset the cost of attending the Milwaukee Bucks Prep Series 

  • Paid Jr. Redwing entry fees for State

​​Head Varsity Coach:

Jesse Shaw: - 920-459-3633 jshaw@sasd.net

Club Officers:

President:  Marcus Ninneman


Vice-President: Travis Gahagan


Treasurers:  Andrea and Aaron Groh

Consultant: John Leonhard
Website:  LeighAnn Bowman